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How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Even with a spacious pantry and plenty of cupboards and drawers, your kitchen can become disorganized. Those of us with smaller kitchens, have to really be smart about how we organize this hard-working space. The tips below will help maximize your space and ensure everything you need is always easy to find. Cupboards And Pantry Organizers When it comes to your cupboard and pantry start with item-specific organizers, such as lid organizers, spice rack organizers, and plastic bag organizers. We also suggest a lazy Suzan, risers, and small square containers to keep small food items neat and easy to access. While they come in their own packaging, placing dry goods such as cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, and grains in plastic...

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The Appeal of Cooking......And Eating, Together

  Food draws us together.  It brings us to the table where relationships are nurtured over lingering dinner parties. Countless family traditions involve baking cookies with our children and getting them to help with dinner.  And food represents family pride and tradition as recipes are passed from one generation to the next.  So it makes sense that the overwhelming majority of respondents to a survey sponsored by Calphalon, believe that cooking together is good for a couple’s relationship.  In fact, according to the survey, home cooked meals help connect partners, and 91% of engaged adults surveyed agree that receiving items from their registry that allow a couple to spend quality time together is important. The survey basically confirmed that cooking...

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