Stylish Succulents Gardening Book
Stylish Succulents Gardening Book
Stylish Succulents Gardening Book

Stylish Succulents

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Colorful and hardy succulents are perfect for creating Japanese-style Bonsai and Ikebana arrangements. This unique guide shows you how to make inexpensive projects with a Japanese aesthetic that will appeal to everyone—from interior designers to small space enthusiasts to avid gardeners. Stylish Succulents presents a totally new approach to container gardening. Trendy, low maintenance succulents come in hundreds of different colors, sizes, shapes and textures, making each project a one-of-a-kind.

Every design is carefully explained using detailed step-by-step photos:

• How to choose succulents and containers to match your personal space and mood
• How to utilize empty wall spaces to make dramatic hanging planters
• How to make a lovely wreath for the holidays
• How to create thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for friends and family

Every gardener can create these miniature works of art using containers and plants of their choosing with relatively little time and money. The possibilities are truly endless!

About the contributor(s):

Yoshinobu and Tomomi Kondo, collectively known as TOKIIRO, are garden and green interior designers, authors, exhibitors, holders of workshops and purveyors of beautiful gardening containers. Their atelier in Tokyo offers a wealth of ideas for adding succulents to your living space.