Heaven is  a Garden Book
Heaven is a Garden Book
Heaven is a Garden Book

Heaven is a Garden

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Heaven Is a Garden

Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection

Jan Johnsen


144 pages, 8 1/4 x 8 1/4
full-color photographs


Why do some gardens make us feel so wonderful, relaxed and refreshed? Using ideas based on ancient and modern practices, this book shows how you can uplift yourself and others in a serene setting designed for “unplugging” and relaxing.

Whether you are intending to create a lovely garden or just thinking about a future outdoor haven, Heaven Is a Garden will help you see your backyard in a whole new light and reawaken an awareness of the wonders of Nature. “Simplicity, Sanctuary and Delight” is the guideline that noted landscape designer Jan Johnsen recommends in this elegantly written book. She draws on her 40 years in the profession and offers stunning visuals and specific ways to make a garden look glorious and feel harmonious at the same time. She reveals how to highlight a power spot, explores the lure of the sheltered corner, explains why a gate facing East is considered auspicious and suggests which trees you can use to impart a special atmosphere. Gardeners will also enjoy the chapters on the mysteries of color, a rock’s resonance and the magic of water. All in all, this gem of a book is a thoroughly enjoyable guide that you will refer to over and over. Jan Johnsen writes the popular Serenity In the Garden blog and Facebook page.

About the author:

Jan Johnsen has a landscape design company in New York. A landscape designer with deep understanding of the design principles of traditional cultures, she is an award-winning instructor at the New York Botanical Garden. Her garden designs have appeared in Woman's Day, East Coast Home and Design, Landscape Architecture, Westchester Home, Redbook, This Old House, Homestyle, and other magazines and books. She blogs at Serenity In the Garden, and lectures widely to garden clubs, botanical gardens and historical societies.