One Cottage Gift Set FOR FREE?

Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set isn't just for whiskey drinkers.  We designed the packaging to be as versatile as our customers.  The minimalistic wood design of the box looks great on display anywhere--and can be used to store everything from tabletop decor to art supplies. 

The glasses are beautiful too.  With a turned base that feels great in your hand, they look great on display and will add a touch of elegance to your drink of choice--whether that's whiskey, iced tea or diet coke. want a set for free?  We're giving them away to our Social Spread Ambassadors. 

Are you someone who likes to cook, entertain, try new recipes?  Then this program is for you!  It gives you a reason to be "social" with your friends and family, and "spread" the love through customized gifts based on your favorite recipes.  Plus a free Whiskey Glass Gift Set and credits to be used in our shop. 

We'll be adding new products to our store each month, so you'll have lots of opportunities to use your credits on some great items.  

 We're launching this new program that focuses on the food that brings us together.  By hosting a recipe swap with your group of friends, family or neighbors, we're going to make it easy for you to create custom keepsakes while you share your favorite recipes and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Our host package includes a set of recipe books that feature some of our favorite recipes and pages in the back to be filled in by you and others in your group.  We also include some blank recipe cards and tabletop items. 

Our kits are on sale now as part of our launch so grab one for 40% OFF.  Once you share a photo with us of your "recipe swap", we'll send you the free Whiskey Stones Gift Set.


How does the Recipe Swap Package work?  Select your kit based on the number of recipe booklets you'll need and which accessories you want.   Pick a time for everyone to meet and give them each a recipe book to write down their favorite recipes. 

You'll be given a discount code to share with your group so that if they want to order any tea towels or aprons with their recipes printed on them, they'll be able to do so at a discount.  These make great gifts for their loved ones. 

What's In It For Me?  For starters, once you send us an image of your group sharing recipes from their One Cottage Recipe Books, we'll send you (the host)a Whiskey Stones Gift Set for free.


You'll get credit that can be used on any product on our site.  The amount of the credit increases based on how many  people use your discount code to order products of their own. 

By being a member of our Social Spread Ambassadors, you'll also receive special discounts on other products.