Adjustable Drawer Dividers


This set includes four spring-loaded, solid wood dividers that adjust from 16 1/2  to 21 1/2" inches deep.   The four shorter pieces allow you to configure smaller spaces within each drawer.  **We've improved the design based on customer feedback and now the four short connector pieces fit inside grooves cut into the dividers for a tighter fit.**

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Each set includes 2 connector pieces that are 4" and two connectors that are 6" wide. 

The height of each divider is 2 3/4".  



Our adjustable bamboo drawer dividers are an easy way to organize your kitchen accessories, toiletries, office supplies and art supplies.  Made of solid wood, they give your drawer a high-end finished look at a reasonable price. 

BONUS: Buy a set and we'll send you a free set of 8" Add-on Connectors to make your set even more versatile.  Just send us an email at with your order number in the subject line and the address to mail the bonus pieces in the body of the email. 

**Tag us on Social Media with before and after photos of your drawer dividers and we'll send you a coupon for 50% Off your next set! 



What our customers are saying:

"Best purchase I could have made! Transformed a nightmare utensil drawer into an organized kitchen drawer. These inserts fit exactly as described and give a custom look to any drawer. I would definitely purchase again. Thank you One Cottage!!"--Jackie H

"Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect organizer for kitchen utensils and underwear/sock drawers."        --Grace

"These drawer dividers are great quality and worked perfectly in my new kitchen drawers. They really look nice when you open the drawers, so much better than plastic drawer inserts!!"        ---Pamela

 "Old plastic drawer dividers are long gone. Open these drawers now and all is in order. I can make each compartment fit the utensils.  Perfect! "      --Wayne