How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Even with a spacious pantry and plenty of cupboards and drawers, your kitchen can become disorganized. Those of us with smaller kitchens, have to really be smart about how we organize this hard-working space. The tips below will help maximize your space and ensure everything you need is always easy to find.

Cupboards And Pantry Organizers

When it comes to your cupboard and pantry start with item-specific organizers, such as lid organizers, spice rack organizers, and plastic bag organizers. We also suggest a lazy Suzan, risers, and small square containers to keep small food items neat and easy to access. While they come in their own packaging, placing dry goods such as cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, and grains in plastic or glass containers keeps them fresh—and keeps your pantry organized.

Organizing Your Drawers

Adjustable drawer organizers are designed to sort your utensils as well as other kitchen gadgets.  At One Cottage, customer feedback led us to add 3 indentions into each of our long dividers so that you can now adjust both the length of each divider and also the size of individual sections within your drawers.  They're even stackable for deep drawers.  

Refrigerator Organizers

If you can’t keep your fridge organized or your fridge doesn’t have the built-in organizers you desire—invest in a few of your own. From simple square or rectangular storage cubes to soda organizers, water bottle racks, wine bottle racks, hanging organizers, and more. Also, consider a freezer-safe basket or cube to organize frozen veggies and freezer bags.

Here’s to keeping your kitchen clutter-free and organized!


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