3 Ways To Make Gift-Giving Personal

Why is it so hard to find the right gift for someone? There's a reason gift cards are so popular but there's no denying the fact that gift cards just don't have that personal touch.  Selecting the right gift to commemorate an occasion or event doesn't have to be that tricky though.  We've got some great tips on ways to make gift-giving personal at every price point and for every occasion.

1. Engrave or Carve a Special Message

Focus on the date, the couple and their new/shared name if you're buying a wedding, anniversary or shower gift.  Any number of items can be personalized with monograms, names and dates. For example, you can have a candle engraved with the couple's last name and their wedding date.

But don't leave it there, think about the title to the first song they danced to at their wedding, or a quote from their wedding vows.  Any type of phrase or place or event that has personal meaning and can be engraved on something they will use or display in their home. This is one of our favorite ways to make gift-giving personal because it's both thoughtful and memorable. 

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Cutting boards are popular because they are so functional. One side can be used for serving cheese and appetizers, the other side displays a personal message or quote. Get creative.   

Planning a Girls' Weekend or Family Reunion?  Consider personalizing picture frames with the date and location so that everyone can display a group photo from the event in their homes afterward.  

 2. Focus on the person's hobby and build a custom gift around it.  

Are they into art?  A boxed art set or book about a favorite artist.  With a little research, you might even find an art class nearby and you could sign them up for classes as a gift.  

Maybe they're into gardening?  Both novices and pros will appreciate a beautifully illustrated book of famous gardens to drool over.  Someone new to gardening may appreciate some gardening tools or a book about plants for their particular climate.  Someone who cultivates orchids might like tickets to a special exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. Think of special events or newly released books specific to the person's hobbies and interests and you'll find a truly thoughtful gift suitable for any occasion.  

Are they travelers?  If they are planning their next big trip, you can look for a book that features popular local restaurants for the city they will be visiting.

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For someone who loves books, start with a book and expand on a theme to build the perfect gift.  For some people, it’s a novel that takes place in London.  Add some British-themed accessories and a pretty bookmark for a complete package.

If they're into cooking, choose a beautifully illustrated cookbook and add some pretty plates or linens.  Some people are into comfort food, some are vegan, some love baking. There are cookbooks for all interests. 

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3. Do they have pets?


Some of us are dog people and some are cat people.  And some people are more into reptiles.  Regardless, if they have pets, you can tie that passion into a gift that is personal.  There are lots of cute saying about pets that can go on t-shirts, plates, and dishtowels.  Lots of home accessories feature pictures of adorable pets so consider a set of decorative plates that feature festive dogs.  Or cat ornaments for their Christmas tree.  


Anyone can give a generic gift.  But if you focus on the recipient and what's important to them, you'll find a theme to build a gift around that will have some personal meaning.  There are so many ways to make gift-giving personal-- on any budget. 

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